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How does a budgerigar get a bath?

Like all animals, budgerigars also need to be cleaned. Birds bathe in the rainwater pools in the natural environment, on the riverside, in the leaves. We will also see some bathroom making techniques not too far from our natural experience. By experimenting with each of them in turn, you can see how your bird likes to take a bath.

You will get from Petshoplars, warm water until half of the buddy bird bath. You can put vegetable leaves or a toy in it to draw interest.

If your buddy has hand training, go to the sink and open the tap slightly. Make sure the water is warm. Your bird will be washed with splashes of water.

Find 1 spray bottle. Spray bottles can be found in stores that sell large grocery stores and garden supplies. It makes you cheap and makes your bird bath by spraying water in the form of clouds.

Select a suitable day for the bathroom. It must be a sunny and warm day so your bird can be easily established. Avoid bathing on cold days.If you like your water, you will enter th…

How do you wash budgerigar?

To make your budgie healthy, you should take care to be fed and clean. It is easier to give bathing habits to budgerigars who are used to eating bait and drinking water than others. Each budgerigar has a different way of washing that he likes. When applying the following methods, you can see which of your birds are pleased by watching your birds:

Method to wash budge  If you have not had your buddy's bath before and you are afraid to run away in your first wash attempt, immediately go to a pet shop near you and obtain a budgerigar bunch like the one pictured.
Be sure to put it in the bathtub and make sure that the water is warm and that the water level does not cross the neck level when your bird is sitting. You will also put the lettuce into the water, toy-like objects can attract attention to your budgie.
You can wash your buddy under the light and warm water flowing through the faucet. What you need to be aware of here is that there is not much distance between water and faucet…

Swell in buds of budgerigars, dizziness of tail

Budgerigars can sometimes swell their feathers and shake their tails. There can be many reasons for this behavior. These;

They may be making it smooth after shaking their damaged fur after they have been inspected.

Other birds in the vicinity may be aimed at courting or showing off.

But if your bird's movements are stagnant, you have a reduced interest in your surroundings, and you see swelling in your fur, this may be a sign of cold. In this case, we advise you to apply for a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Is there a mushroom in the bud of a buddy?

Budgerigar mushroom I had only the bottom part of the budgerigar's baggage. He said that it will happen by summer, spontaneously. It was happening in our old home occasionally. That's why I did not care much about him. Is there a nuisance in my goose? What can I do ? Feed is breaking, there is no trouble in feeding. He just does not bother with the ink fish bone and he drives the boards in the playground.

This bird has mushrooms in its spot. If the measure is not taken, it will spread. Vaseline can interfere with the initial phase of the fungal disease. However, drugs need to be used for advanced dimensions.

The treatment of fungus is not very difficult, it is not easy, but we can improve it as soon as possible.

You're chrysanthemum.
Every evening - in the morning, rush the vase to the sick areas - like the beak-foot.
His skin will squeeze the vase and the day will soften and peel off the shells.
The active ingredient paraffin contained in the petroleum je…

Types of budgerigar, races, varieties

Light green budgerigar and its features Light green budgerigars are usually light green in color, as can be understood from the name. They are natural birds that have never been mutated. Body lengths are 18 cm on average. Their average lifespan ranges from 5 to 8 years. Survival time varies according to the environmental conditions such as care, nutrition, and stress. They can live up to 12-15 years of age.
The light green budgerigar price ranges from 20 to 50 TL.
Light green budgerigars are one of the easiest talking budgerigars since they are the most natural budgerigars. In particular, they can easily pronounce short words and phrases (cicad, paternal) which are repeated again. Light green budgerigars are preferred because they are the most stable birds of the immune system and are easily tamable.
Jumbo, Show, Show (Anglo-Dutch) budgerigar and its features Jumbo budgerigars are often called English or Dutch. They look very similar to normal budgerigars, but they are even worse. Th…

Names of budgerigars

What names are given to budgerigars? Do you have a lot of budgerigars and difficulty finding names? In this post we will share with you the names of male and female budgerigars. The names of the most used budgerigars are blues and beads as you know. But if you decide to put one of these names for our readers who are looking for different names in your bird we are very happy to share it with us.
Male and female budgerigar names:CicişlerminnoşPeanutHorny (no matter how fickle a budgerigar may be :))BicirikYeşim (Usually given to green budgerigars)You can give the name of a cemet to your buddy you have just bought and can not decide on your sex (the seller will claim to be a male). If the girl comes out, you can do Cemile by adding a little letter.Ciko (Çiko)Tombiş (Your buddy can easily pronounce.)PashaConfusedCavitecankuşGravel

The budgerigar sex separation, circumstances, tips and warnings

It is not as difficult as you think about budgerigar sex. With this article, you will be able to understand the sex of a budgerigar in 10 seconds. So you can be one of the popular people around your budgerigar!

How do you understand the sex of a budgerigar? When determining the gender of a budgerigar, it should be determined that it is a bird or an adult bird.
How is the age of budgerigar determined?- Feather on the head: Horizontal lines on the head part of the budgerigar birds come up to the nose of the bird (ceresine). In adult birds, these feathers disappear as birds age.
- Eye: The eye colors of small budgerigars for 4 months are black. (Baby) Eyes are slightly gray between 4-6 months. There is a gray ring around the eye for 6-8 months. The ring around the eyes of 8 months old big budgerigars turns into Bosha. (Adult)
Once you have decided whether your budgerigar is a baby or an adult, then let's go back to sex:

We call the colored part where the nostrils are located on the bir…